About Stock Market

Stock market is also like any other market. It opens opportunity to transact shares between buyer and the seller. It is similar to any other physical market, such as vegetable market, cloth market, or even super market. All these systems helps people to exchange goods and money. All these markets have regulator and intermediaries.

Similarly stock market also has the regulator and intermediaries. The regulator is SEBI (Securities Exchange Board Of India), which is empowered to monitor and regulate all the share market related activities. Of course we need the platform to execute all the trades and settlements. That is how the stock exchanges are coming into picture. Stock exchanges can not directly deal thousands and lakhs of clients directly. So there is a need for a intermediary to develop and service clients on behalf of stock exchanges. The exchange recruit members to carryout this task. They are called Trading Members or stock brokers.

All the trading members are working under the bylaws of the stock exchange. The trading members enroll clients for trading. They take the responsibility to execute the trade as well as get the money settlement.

As a client, when we want to open a business account with a trading members, we need to open two types of account.

  •  Trading Account
  • Demat Account

To open both the accounts, we need to have the following documents.

  • PAN card
  • Address Proof (Ration card, Voters ID, Passport, Driving License)
  • Proof of savings Bank Account (Photo copy of passbook or latest bank statement attested by Manager)
  • Two passport size photograph.

If we have all these documents, we are ready to open a trading account and demat account.

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Then it is our turn to plan to enter into stockmarket either as a investor or trader.
Remember…. Enter the market after equipping you properly.