About US

There is a illusion among the common man that stock market is meant for rich people and very knowledgeable people. When I have been experiencing the stock market, I found that they were just myth.

So I made up my mind to work on, how to bring the market to common man. I broke the intricacy of the market and started presenting them in a simplified form using all the available resources.

In order to create awareness to public I started various activities such as

  • Free seminar
  • Training programmes
  • Presentation in electronic media
  • Writing Articles in print media
  • DVD's on stockmarket

Stockmarket gives us a very good investment opportunity to beat the inflation and create long term wealth. It also provides trading opportunity for people who can understand the art of trading.

I keep trying in all possible ways to educate the general public to learn this subject and travel in the field with needed inputs to taste success.

With Best Wishes